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Squishmallows fans and collectors rejoice! 

There’s a whole new way to Squad Up with our exclusive Squishmallows sensory toy collection. Top-selling, trendy fidget and sensory toys, now featuring your favorite Squishmallows like Wendy the Frog, Gordon the Shark, Malcolm the Mushroom, Patty the Cow, Cam the Cat, Avery the Duck, and so many more. 

Squishmallows Slow-Rise Squishy Cloud Pop 

The ultimate sensory experience that combines the satisfying squish of a slow-rising foam squishy with the fun bubble-popping calming effects of ASMR. Five Squishmallows to collect including Archie the Axolotl, Wendy the Frog, Maui the Pineapple, Gordon the Shark, and Cam the Cat. 

Squishmallows Mega Pop Keychains

Cute and simple as a dimple, our silicone popper Squishmallows keychains let you take your favorite Mallows on the go for some fidgety fun. Available styles include fan favorites like Malcolm the Mushroom, Gordon the Shark, Wendy the Frog, Cam the Cat, Hans the Hedgehog, and Eric the Blobfish. Use in the classroom as an anti-anxiety hand toy, or clip them on your bags, keys, and lanyards for some extra Squishmallow flair!

Squishmallows Magnetic Fidget Sliders 

Now, you can slip, slide, and flip your favorite Squishamllows in the palm of your hand for some haptic, sensory fun. Low-friction, quiet and pocket-sized, our Squishmallows Magnetic Fidget Sliders make the perfect discreet fidgets for class, meetings, and more. Available Mallows include Maui the Pineapple, Fifi the Fox, Archie the Axolotl, Avery the Duck, Cam the Cat, and many more! 

The first ever Squishmallows Blind Pop Fidgety 

Two infamous collectible toys have come together for the ultimate blind bag! Addictive bubble-popping fun, now featuring fan favorite Squishmallows like Wendy the Frog, Patty the Cow, Kevin the Koala, Cam the Cat, and more! Safe sensory fun that keeps the little ones busy popping and learning fine motor skills.

Squishmallows Reversible Water Wigglers 

The squishy, slippery water wiggler toy you remember from childhood is now wrapped in a soft, plush Squishmallow. Squeeze, pinch, and flip them inside-out to reveal a second Mallow. It’s like two Squishmallows in one! Collect top-selling Squishmallows like Floyd the French Fries, Carl the Burger, Maya the Ice Cream, and more. They are perfect party favors for Squishmallows-themed parties.