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Two Flippin Cute Water Wigglers

At Top Trenz, you can find a wide range of fun and colorful squishy water wiggler toys for kids, tweens, and teens! These squishy toys are the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs of these squishy water wigglers. From cute animal designs to food, and even holiday themed, like Easter themed, Halloween water wigglers, and Christmas wigglers, we have something for every child's taste and preference. This summer we will be launching our Squishmallow Water Wigglers! Our toys are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for children of all ages.

Squishy water wigglers are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, which is why they're not just for kids! Adults also find them relaxing and enjoyable to play with. Our toys are perfect for use at home, in the office, or even on-the-go, making them a great addition to your collection.

In addition to being fun and entertaining, our squishy water wigglers also help with sensory development. Our water wigglers are wrapped in a 2 sided plush to add texture. The texture and movement of the water inside the toy can help children with sensory processing disorders to regulate their senses and feel more comfortable in their environment.

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