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Sticky Bubble Blobbies Halloween Edition are great toys for children of all ages. Fidget and have fun! globbles
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Sticky Bubble Blobbies Halloween Edition


Squish, Stretch & toss! Watch them crawl the wall! The squishy ball you can squeeze, stack, stretch and stick to the wall. Sticky Bubble Blobbies never lose their stickiness, even after you wash them and leave no sticky residue. Toss it on...

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Welcome to our enchanting Halloween wonderland, where you can find perfect party favors, goodie bag gifts, and Halloween game prizes! Kids will be excited to win or receive these Halloween themed fidget and sensory toys. From creepy crawly stretch wormiez, to wiggly water plush toys and character pop toys, vivify Halloween with villainous conviction! 

For those looking for that perfect ghoulish gift, unleash the supernatural power of sensory play with our bewitching selection of Halloween-themed fidget toys, squishies, and stretchy toys, designed to captivate kids, tweens, and teens alike. Embrace the spirit of the season while indulging in the therapeutic benefits of these whimsical toys that engage the senses and provide a ghoulishly good time! 

Spooktacular Halloween Fidget Toys, Squishies & Stretchy Toys

Unearth the captivating world of fidget toys adorned with charmingly eerie Halloween motifs. Designed to keep restless fingers engaged, these toys empower kids, tweens, and teens to focus their attention and improve concentration, making them ideal for classroom settings or study sessions during the spooky season. Squeeze, squish, and delight in the creepy cuteness of Halloween squishies! As your fingers sink into the soft, squishy texture, feel the stress melt away, leaving behind a sense of tranquility and calm. Our squishy toys make excellent companions for stress relief, imaginative play, and soothing comfort. Indulge in the spine-tingling sensation of stretching our Halloween-themed stretchy toys! These stretchable wonders provide tactile feedback and promote fine motor skills while inviting a moment of calm amidst the Halloween excitement.

Spellbinding Sensory Play

Discover the allure of sensory play as you dive into a world of spine-tingling textures, eerie shapes, and mesmerizing colors. Our Halloween-themed fidget toys, squishies, and stretchy toys offer a multisensory experience, providing a safe haven for kids, tweens, and teens to explore and stimulate their senses. Let the enchantment of these toys work its magic as they weave a spell of relaxation and stress relief. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, these Halloween sensory toys become a trusted companion, easing tension, anxiety, and restlessness in a uniquely delightful way.