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OMG Mega Pop - Dreidel Keychain  fidget toy
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OMG Mega Pop - Dreidel Keychain


Introducing OMG! Mega Pop Keychains! The fun bubble popping fidget toy that you can take on the go! Each keychain has a hard shell exterior with soft silicone bubbles inside. Copyright © 2022 Top Trenz Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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OMG Pop Fidgety - Dreidel Pen Toppers  fidget toy pen
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OMG Pop Fidgety - Dreidel Pen Toppers


Introducing OMG Pop Fidgety Pen Toppers! The compact bubble-popping toy that fits right on the top of your pen! Great for fidgety hands that need to stay busy. OMG pop Fidgety Pen toppers come with one pen. They also fit most standard size pens.Copyright...

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OMG Octopop Glow-in-the-dark
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OMG Octopop Glow-in-the-dark


Introducing OMG Octopop! The new suction cup fidget sensationl! Slap it on any hard surface, then peel for a satisfying pop! Comes in assorted colors.  Copyright © 2022 Top Trenz Inc. All Rights Reserved.    

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Top Trenz offers a variety of high-end gifts for kids, including fidget toys, board games, fun-shaped puzzles, squishy sensory toys, and more.

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Always on top of the latest trends, Top Trenz carries the widest variety of Fidget toys. From fidgety poppers, pop-it toys, and Pop Rockers to fidget snappers, fidget spinners, and magnetic sliders. Fidget toys are not only fun but can help relieve stress, increase focus, help with ADHD and reduce anxiety.

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Squish our beadies and sensory squishies all day long! You won't be able to put them down! Our super fun squishy toys come in various styles and contain multiple filling options, including water beads, DNA balls, squishy foam, and even water-filled toys. Bring them to school or on play dates. They're the perfect addition to your fidget collection!

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Are you looking for a unique kid's gift? Look no further! Top Trenz offers a variety of games and puzzles that provide endless fun! Shaped puzzles in cool designs like ice cream cones, game controllers, and cupcakes! 3D mazes you won't be able to put down! Jumble speed cubes and game cubes in fun shapes and designs. And retro toys like Pin Art in shapes and designs li

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Plush toys for girls and tweens have a way of making the perfect gifts! Our supply of cute and cuddly plushies will give you ear-to-ear smiles, from adorable slap bracelet cutie cuffs that wrap right around your wrist to squishy plush that provides endless fidgety fun.

Stretchy Sensory Toys You Need!

Sensory toys get a new look with our collection of stretchy fidget toys! We offer a wide variety of stretchy noodle toys that you can stretch, pull, and squeeze - then watch them magically bounce back to their original shape!